Pentacon Utility Services was incorporated in 2013 but have actually  had hydrovac since 2009 where they ran their hydrovacs under their other division, Pentacon Energy Services. Pentacon Utility Services offers line locating, trenching, mobile washing and steaming. We work in all sectors including oil and gas, pipeline, green energy, civil, residential, construction and agriculture. We also specialize in equipotential bonding. We have 1000s of - hours worked in live substations working with high voltage power. All our trucks come with certified bonding mats and cables.

We are members of Isnetworld, Complyworks, Aveeta, Alberta Construction safety Association and Partners in Injury Reduction. We are also Cor certified.

About the owners:

President - Chris Parchewsky

Chris has had ties to the oilfield since he started on the historic Akita 1 as an 18 year old. Chris bought his first vac truck in 2005 then added his first hydrovac in 2009. After many years of chasing rigs with vac and water trucks, Chris made the decision in 2020 to get out of chasing rigs and concentrate on hydrovacs.

Steve Parchewsky - Vice President

Steve may have a fancy title such as Vp, but Steve still enjoys running hydrovac and that is where he spends most days. Steve got his start in the oilfield also as an 18 year on Akita 1 before he was forced into buying a vac truck in 2006. Steve specializes in working in substations.

Paul Conlon - Chief Operating Officer

Paul has been an employee with Pentacon Utility since 2016 who then bought into the company in 2021. Paul also runs truck when not helping in the office and is also Town Councillor for the Town Of Vermilion. Paul is living proof that working hard can get you places.